Community-Based Social Work Program (CBSW)

Community Based Social Work Program

The Community Based Social Work Program is a program which serves Choctaw individuals and families. Being a community-based program, services are taken directly to the community and assistance is given there where families are more comfortable. The mission of the program is to help Choctaw families find permanent solutions to long-term problems by initiating change, setting goals, making a plan, and following through. The program’s primary goal is to assist Choctaw families in locating resources to help meet immediate needs.

Amber Henslee                  Counties: Pushmataha                                        Phone: 580-775-3735

Blair Christenberry            Counties: Haskell                                               Phone: 580-775-8615

Consetta Leflore                 Counties: Atoka                                                 Phone: 580-317-3083

Cory Martinez                    Counties: E. McCurtain                                     Phone: 580-775-7195

Darlene Cusher                  Counties: N. McCurtain/S. Leflore                    Phone: 580-306-7269

Jerry Tims                          Counties: S. McCurtain                                      Phone: 580-775-3952

John Vick                           Counties: Outside Bryan                                    Phone: 580-317-2711

Tad Gonzalez                     Counties: Pittsburg                                             Phone: 580-317-7409

McCall Caraway      CBSW/GA Service Team Coordinator All 10.5 Counties   Phone: 580-775-0951

Melvis Wilson                    Counties: In Town Bryan                                   Phone: 580-775-7787

Paula Lynch                       Counties: Leflore                                                Phone: 580-317-7128

Sarah Trusty                       Counties: W. McCurtain                                    Phone: 580-775-8256

Tracey Williams                 Counties: Latimer/Leflore                                 Phone: 580-775-7895

Vickie McClure                  Counties: Coalgate/S. Hughes                          Phone: 580-317-7427

Joyce Beck                          Counties: McCurtain                                        Phone: 580-584-3832


Senior Director, Linda Goodwin

Phone: 580-326-8304 or 877-285-6893

Director, Kristen R. Crenshaw

Phone: 580-326-8304 or 877-285-6893

GA Auditor, Kathryn Roberts

Phone: 580-326-8304 or 877-285-6893

Administrative Assistant, Claudine Williams

Phone 580-775-2782