Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant Choctaw Nation businesses generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually and more than 6,000 jobs for tribal and non-tribal Oklahomans. In addition to the tribe’s seven casinos, the Nation has a manufacturing business, a management services company, 13 travel plazas, 12 smoke shops, a printing company and a document archiving company. Proceeds from all the tribe’s businesses provide the revenue stream to support not only the programs that assist tribal members, including, health care, education, housing, senior care and other social services, but enable the tribe to support scores of community programs and charities.

Eligibility for Employment

In filling of positions by appointment, promotion, transfer, reassignment, reinstatement or any other personnel action, we will give preference to Native Americans. Except for Native American Preference, consideration will be made without regard to any non-merit factor such as race, color, religion, sec, sexual orientation, national origin, politics, disability, marital status, age, or membership or non-membership in any employee organization.

For more information, please call Human Resources at 800.522.6170 for employment at the Durant complex. For a casino employment posting, please contact the casino where the job opening is available.

Preferred Supplier Program

It is the policy of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma through its Preferred Supplier Program to increase local buying and business opportunities for qualified Choctaw Tribal member-owned business enterprises, other qualified Native Americans and federally recognized minorities.

To register visit the Preferred Supplier [Website](

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Owned Companies