Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation
  • New Headquarters construction update

    New Headquarters Construction Update

    Many ask where the new tribal headquarters and regional health clinic will be located and this link will take you to a pdf that will show you where the proposed buildings will lie. The Food Distribution Center, Community Center, and Child Care Center are already located at this location. The road that runs east to west in front of the food and community center is Big Lots Parkway which is accessible from South 9th Street in Durant and Enterprise Blvd.

  • Administrative

    Field Office Antlers, Director:580-298-5501
    Field Office Atoka, Director:580-889-6147
    Field Office Bethel, Director:580-241-5637
    Field Office Broken Bow, Director:580-584-6372
    Field Office Coalgate, Director:580-927-3641
    Field Office Crowder, Director:918-334-5344
    Field Office Durant, Director:580-924-7810
    Field Office Hugo, Director:580-326-6611
    Field Office Idabel, Director:580-286-6116
    Field Office McAlester, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director918-423-1016
    Field Office Poteau, Director:918-647-9324
    Field Office Smithville, Director:580-244-3289
    Field Office Spiro, Director:918-962-3832
    Field Office Stigler, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director918-967-2398
    Field Office Talihina, Director:918-567-2106
    Field Office Wilburton, Director:918-465-2389
    Field Office Wright City, Director:580-981-7011
    Tribal Council Talihina, Director:918-567-3523
    Tribal Council Tuskahoma, Director:918-567-3523
    Tribal Events, Director: Faye Self800-522-6170
    Tribal Membership, Director:580-924-8280
  • Business Enterprise

    Casino - Broken Bow, Director:580-584-5450
    Casino - Durant, Director:580-920-0160, or 800-788-2464
    Casino - Grant, Director:580-326-8397
    Casino - Idabel, Director:580-286-5710, or 800-634-2582
    Casino - McAlester, Director:877-904-8444, or 918-423-8161
    Casino - Pocola, Director:918-436-7761, or 800-590-5825
    Casino - Stringtown, Director:580-346-7862
    Choctaw Casino Resort Hotel, Director: Darla Emerson580-931-8340
    Choctaw Management Services Enterprise, Director:877-267-3728
    Choctaw Management Services Enterprise, Director: Greg Robinson800-522-6170
    Choctaw Manufacturing & Development, Director: Steve Benefield580-326-8365
    Choctaw Nation Bookstore, Director:800-522-6170 Ext. 5148
    Construction Management800-909-8376, or 580-326-0967
    Credit, Director: Susan Edwards580-924-8280
    Fabricators, Director: Jack Frost580-364-0600
    Smoke Shop Durant #1 East, Director:580-924-2186
    Smoke Shop Hugo, Director:580-326-8397
    Smoke Shop Pocola, Director:918-436-2425
    Travel Plaza - Atoka, Director:580-364-0313
    Travel Plaza - Broken Bow, Director:580-584-5528
    Travel Plaza - Heavener, Director:918-653-3106
    Travel Plaza - Poteau, Director:918-647-3392
    Travel Plaza - Stringtown, Director:580-346-7478
    Travel Plaza Durant #1 East, Director:580-920-2186
    Travel Plaza Durant #2 West, Director:580-924-7210
    Travel Plaza Garvin, Director:580-746-2212
    Travel Plaza Hugo, Director:580-326-7595
    Travel Plaza Idabel, Director:580-286-2596
    Travel Plaza McAlester, Director:918-426-5511
    Travel Plaza Pocola, Director:918-436-2425
    Travel Plaza Wilburton, Director:918-465-0469
  • Education

    Adult Education, Director: Neal Hawkins, Director800-522-6170 Ext. 2319
    Career Development Program, Director: Kenneth English800-522-6170
    Eastern Oklahoma Tribal Schools, Director: Tracy Hartman405-330-9236
    Headstart Antlers, Director:580-298-2113
    Headstart Atoka, Director:580-889-7054
    Headstart Bennington, Director:580-847-2767
    Headstart Bethel, Director:580-241-7781
    Headstart Broken Bow, Director:580-584-6680
    Headstart Coalgate, Director:580-927-1165
    Headstart Durant, Director:580-924-8536
    Headstart Hugo, Director:580-326-9576
    Headstart Idabel, Director:580-286-7930
    Headstart McAlester, Director:918-423-9360
    Headstart, Poteau, Director:918-647-8500
    Headstart, Stigler, Director:918-967-2897
    Headstart, Wilburton, Director:918-465-5360
    Headstart, Wright City, Director:580-981-2634
    Higher Education, Director: Lela Rodriguez800-522-6170
    Johnson O’Malley JOM, Director: Rebecca Hawkins800-522-6170
    Jones Academy, Director: Brad Spears918-297-2518 888-767-2518
    Jones Academy Math & Science, Director:918-297-2758
    Language, Director: James Parrish580-924-8280 x5163
    Vocational Development, Director: Rita Workman580-924-8280 Ext 2237 or 2238
    Vocational Rehab, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Wheelock Academy, Director: Randy Hammons, Executive Director580-746-2139
  • Health Services

    Choctaw Nation Health Care Center, Director: Teresa Jackson800-349-7026
    Clinic - Talihina, Director: Teresa Jackson800-349-7026
    Clinic - Atoka, Director: Brian Johnston580-889-1981
    Clinic - Broken Bow, Director: Kelly Adams580-584-2740
    Clinic - Hugo, Director: Julene Carter580-326-7561
    Clinic - Idabel, Director: Renee Evans580-286-2600
    Clinic - McAlester, Director: Debbie K. Dill918-423-8440
    Clinic - Poteau, Director: Brian Wren918-649-1192
    Clinic - Stigler, Director: Benjamin Thompson918-967-9200
    Clinic Urgent Care- Broken Bow, Director:580-584-2740
    Community Health Representative, Director: Randy Hammons800-522-6170
    Diabetes Wellness Center, Director: Tammie Cannady918-567-7000 800-349-7026
    EDH, Durant Director: Janeen Gray800-522-6170
    Environmental Health, Hugo Director: Tim Noahubi580-326-9673
    Environmental Health - Talihina, Director: Hoss Ward918-567-5313
    Recovery Program, Talihina, Director: Jack Austin, Jr.918-567-2389
    Employee Health Clinic, Durant, Director: Sheli Sweat580-931-3636
    Wellness Center, Durant Director: Chance Adams580-931-8643
    Wellness Center, Hugo, Director: Chance Adams580-326-9422
    Wellness Center, Talihina, Director: Tammie Cannady800-349-7026
    Refill Center, Poteau Director: Candice Vaughn918-649-1100
    Going Lean, Talihina, Director: Tammie Cannady800-349-7026
    Patient Relations, Durant Director: Janeen Gray580-924-9704
    Patient Relations, McAlester Director: Janeen Gray918-426-4125
    Chi Hullo Li, Talihina, Director: Renee Baughman918-567-3255
    Behavioral Health, Talihina, Director: Karen Hearod800-349-7026
    Hospitality House, Talihina, Director: Bryce Segotta918-567-2300
    P.A.C.E, Talihina, Director: Teresa Davis800-349-7026
  • Housing

    Belvin Housing, Director:918-567-2057
    Housing Authority, Director:580-326-7521
    Housing Authority - Affordable Rental Housing, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Emergrency Assistance Program, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - HOPE Development, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Independent Elderly Housing Pr, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Rental Assistance, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Modular Housing, Director:580-927-1074
    Real Property, Director:580-924-8280
  • Public Safety

    Law Enforcement - Antlers, Director:580-326-5529
    Law Enforcement - Atoka, Director:580-924-8280
    Law Enforcement - Broken Bow, Director:580-286-3799
    Law Enforcement - Durant, Director:580-924-8280
    Law Enforcement - Idabel, Director:580-286-3977
    Law Enforcement - McAlester, Director:918-426-3737
    Law Enforcement - Poteau, Director:918-649-0851
  • Miscellaneous

    Agriculture, Director:580-326-3201
    Appraisals, Director: Wayne Wylie800-522-6170 Ext. 2248
    Armstrong Storage, Director:580-924-9671
    BISKINIK Newspaper, Editor: Rhonda Pierce [Email](>800-522-6170
    Forestry/Firefighters, Director: Tom Lowry918-567-2321 800-509-4571
    Historic Preservation, Director: Ian Thompson580-924-8280
    Tvshka Homma Museum, Director:918-569-4465
    Transportation, Director: Bill Blankenship800-522-6170
    Wheelock Museum, Director: Randy Hammons, Executive Director580-746-2139
  • Social Services

    Boys & Girls Club Broken Bow, Director: Audrey Mills580-584-3636
    Boys & Girls Club Pickens, Director:580-241-5413
    Boys & Girls Club Poteau, Director:918-647-2179
    Boys & Girls Club Talihina, Director:918-567-3498
    Child Care Assistance, Director: Marilyn Williams800-522-6170
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Atoka, Director:580-889-1955
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Durant, Director: Billy Stephens800-522-6170
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Hugo, Director:580-326-3362
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Idabel, Director:580-286-2249
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Talihina, Director:918-567-4265
    Choctaw Nation Community Based Social Work, Director: Randy Hammons580-326-8304
    Clothing Allowance Program, Director: Berdie Williams, Coordinator800-522-6170 Ext. 2256
    Community Development Block Grant, Director: Beverly Akin800-522-6170
    Daycare Coalgate, Director:580-927-2118
    Daycare Durant, Director:580-920-1801
    Daycare Idabel, Director:
    Daycare Stigler, Director:918-967-5005
    Daycare Talihina, Director:918-567-3184
    Family Investment Center Broken Bow, Director: Liz Lee580-584-6372
    Family Investment Center Poteau, Director: Ooweetah Gallia918-647-9324
    Hospitality House, Director:918-567-9954
    LIHEAP, Director: Charlene Grunstad580-924-8280
    Projects with Industries (Disability), Director: Randy Hammons580-326-7758
    Social Services, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director800-522-6170
    Victim Assistance - Faith Based Counseling for Vic, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Victim Assistance Program, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Victim Assistance-VOCA Subgrant - Elder/Vulnerable, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    WIA, Director:580-924-8280