Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation
  • Administrative

    Field Office Antlers, Director:580-298-5501
    Field Office Atoka, Director:580-889-6147
    Field Office Bethel, Director:580-241-5637
    Field Office Broken Bow, Director:580-584-6372
    Field Office Coalgate, Director:580-927-3641
    Field Office Crowder, Director:918-334-5344
    Field Office Durant, Director:580-924-7810
    Field Office Hugo, Director:580-326-6611
    Field Office Idabel, Director:580-286-6116
    Field Office McAlester, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director918-423-1016
    Field Office Poteau, Director:918-647-9324
    Field Office Smithville, Director:580-244-3289
    Field Office Spiro, Director:918-962-3832
    Field Office Stigler, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director918-967-2398
    Field Office Talihina, Director:918-567-2106
    Field Office Wilburton, Director:918-465-2389
    Field Office Wright City, Director:580-981-7011
    Tribal Council Talihina, Director:918-567-3523
    Tribal Council Tuskahoma, Director:918-567-3523
    Tribal Events, Director: Faye Self800-522-6170
    Tribal Membership, Director:580-924-8280
  • Business Enterprise

    Casino - Broken Bow, Director:580-584-5450
    Casino - Durant, Director:580-920-0160, or 800-788-2464
    Casino - Grant, Director:580-326-8397
    Casino - Idabel, Director:580-286-5710, or 800-634-2582
    Casino - McAlester, Director:877-904-8444, or 918-423-8161
    Casino - Pocola, Director:918-436-7761, or 800-590-5825
    Casino - Stringtown, Director:580-346-7862
    Choctaw Casino Resort Hotel, Director: Darla Emerson580-931-8340
    Choctaw Management Services Enterprise, Director:877-267-3728
    Choctaw Management Services Enterprise, Director: Greg Robinson800-522-6170
    Choctaw Manufacturing & Development, Director: Steve Benefield580-326-8365
    Choctaw Nation Bookstore, Director:800-522-6170 Ext. 5148
    Construction Management800-909-8376, or 580-326-0967
    Credit, Director: Susan Edwards580-924-8280
    Fabricators, Director: Jack Frost580-364-0600
    Smoke Shop Durant #1 East, Director:580-924-2186
    Smoke Shop Hugo, Director:580-326-8397
    Smoke Shop Pocola, Director:918-436-2425
    Travel Plaza - Atoka, Director:580-364-0313
    Travel Plaza - Broken Bow, Director:580-584-5528
    Travel Plaza - Heavener, Director:918-653-3106
    Travel Plaza - Poteau, Director:918-647-3392
    Travel Plaza - Stringtown, Director:580-346-7478
    Travel Plaza Durant #1 East, Director:580-920-2186
    Travel Plaza Durant #2 West, Director:580-924-7210
    Travel Plaza Garvin, Director:580-746-2212
    Travel Plaza Hugo, Director:580-326-7595
    Travel Plaza Idabel, Director:580-286-2596
    Travel Plaza McAlester, Director:918-426-5511
    Travel Plaza Pocola, Director:918-436-2425
    Travel Plaza Wilburton, Director:918-465-0469
  • Education

    Adult Education, Director: Neal Hawkins, Director800-522-6170 Ext. 2319
    Career Development Program, Director: Kenneth English800-522-6170
    Eastern Oklahoma Tribal Schools, Director: Tracy Hartman405-330-9236
    Headstart Antlers, Director:580-298-2113
    Headstart Atoka, Director:580-889-7054
    Headstart Bennington, Director:580-847-2767
    Headstart Bethel, Director:580-241-7781
    Headstart Broken Bow, Director:580-584-6680
    Headstart Coalgate, Director:580-927-1165
    Headstart Durant, Director:580-924-8536
    Headstart Hugo, Director:580-326-9576
    Headstart Idabel, Director:580-286-7930
    Headstart McAlester, Director:918-423-9360
    Headstart, Poteau, Director:918-647-8500
    Headstart, Stigler, Director:918-967-2897
    Headstart, Wilburton, Director:918-465-5360
    Headstart, Wright City, Director:580-981-2634
    Higher Education, Director: Lela Rodriguez800-522-6170
    Johnson O’Malley JOM, Director: Rebecca Hawkins800-522-6170
    Jones Academy, Director: Brad Spears918-297-2518 888-767-2518
    Jones Academy Math & Science, Director:918-297-2758
    Language, Director: James Parrish580-924-8280 x5163
    Vocational Development, Director: Rita Workman580-924-8280 Ext 2237 or 2238
    Vocational Rehab, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Wheelock Academy, Director: Randy Hammons, Executive Director580-746-2139
  • Health Services

    Choctaw Nation Health Care Center, Director: Teresa Jackson800-349-7026
    Clinic - Talihina, Director: Teresa Jackson800-349-7026
    Clinic - Atoka, Director: Brian Johnston580-889-1981
    Clinic - Broken Bow, Director: Kelly Adams580-584-2740
    Clinic - Hugo, Director: Julene Carter580-326-7561
    Clinic - Idabel, Director: Renee Evans580-286-2600
    Clinic - McAlester, Director: Debbie K. Dill918-423-8440
    Clinic - Poteau, Director: Brian Wren918-649-1192
    Clinic - Stigler, Director: Benjamin Thompson918-967-9200
    Clinic Urgent Care- Broken Bow, Director:580-584-2740
    Community Health Representative, Director: Randy Hammons800-522-6170
    Diabetes Wellness Center, Director: Tammie Cannady918-567-7000 800-349-7026
    EDH, Durant Director: Janeen Gray800-522-6170
    Environmental Health, Hugo Director: Tim Noahubi580-326-9673
    Environmental Health - Talihina, Director: Hoss Ward918-567-5313
    Recovery Program, Talihina, Director: Jack Austin, Jr.918-567-2389
    Employee Health Clinic, Durant, Director: Sheli Sweat580-931-3636
    Wellness Center, Durant Director: Chance Adams580-931-8643
    Wellness Center, Hugo, Director: Chance Adams580-326-9422
    Wellness Center, Talihina, Director: Tammie Cannady800-349-7026
    Refill Center, Poteau Director: Candice Vaughn918-649-1100
    Going Lean, Talihina, Director: Tammie Cannady800-349-7026
    Patient Relations, Durant Director: Janeen Gray580-924-9704
    Patient Relations, McAlester Director: Janeen Gray918-426-4125
    Chi Hullo Li, Talihina, Director: Renee Baughman918-567-3255
    Behavioral Health, Talihina, Director: Karen Hearod800-349-7026
    Hospitality House, Talihina, Director: Bryce Segotta918-567-2300
    P.A.C.E, Talihina, Director: Teresa Davis800-349-7026
  • Housing

    Belvin Housing, Director:918-567-2057
    Housing Authority, Director:580-326-7521
    Housing Authority - Affordable Rental Housing, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Emergrency Assistance Program, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - HOPE Development, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Independent Elderly Housing Pr, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Housing Authority - Rental Assistance, Director: Doris Ross, Supervisor800-235-3087
    Modular Housing, Director:580-927-1074
    Real Property, Director:580-924-8280
  • Public Safety

    Law Enforcement - Antlers, Director:580-326-5529
    Law Enforcement - Atoka, Director:580-924-8280
    Law Enforcement - Broken Bow, Director:580-286-3799
    Law Enforcement - Durant, Director:580-924-8280
    Law Enforcement - Idabel, Director:580-286-3977
    Law Enforcement - McAlester, Director:918-426-3737
    Law Enforcement - Poteau, Director:918-649-0851
  • Miscellaneous

    Agriculture, Director:580-326-3201
    Appraisals, Director: Wayne Wylie800-522-6170 Ext. 2248
    Armstrong Storage, Director:580-924-9671
    BISKINIK Newspaper, Editor: Rhonda Pierce [Email](>800-522-6170
    Forestry/Firefighters, Director: Tom Lowry918-567-2321 800-509-4571
    Historic Preservation, Director: Ian Thompson580-924-8280
    Tvshka Homma Museum, Director:918-569-4465
    Transportation, Director: Bill Blankenship800-522-6170
    Wheelock Museum, Director: Randy Hammons, Executive Director580-746-2139
  • Social Services

    Boys & Girls Club Broken Bow, Director: Audrey Mills580-584-3636
    Boys & Girls Club Pickens, Director:580-241-5413
    Boys & Girls Club Poteau, Director:918-647-2179
    Boys & Girls Club Talihina, Director:918-567-3498
    Child Care Assistance, Director: Marilyn Williams800-522-6170
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Atoka, Director:580-889-1955
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Durant, Director: Billy Stephens800-522-6170
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Hugo, Director:580-326-3362
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Idabel, Director:580-286-2249
    Children & Family Services (ICW) Talihina, Director:918-567-4265
    Choctaw Nation Community Based Social Work, Director: Randy Hammons580-326-8304
    Clothing Allowance Program, Director: Berdie Williams, Coordinator800-522-6170 Ext. 2256
    Community Development Block Grant, Director: Beverly Akin800-522-6170
    Daycare Coalgate, Director:580-927-2118
    Daycare Durant, Director:580-920-1801
    Daycare Idabel, Director:
    Daycare Stigler, Director:918-967-5005
    Daycare Talihina, Director:918-567-3184
    Family Investment Center Broken Bow, Director: Liz Lee580-584-6372
    Family Investment Center Poteau, Director: Ooweetah Gallia918-647-9324
    Hospitality House, Director:918-567-9954
    LIHEAP, Director: Charlene Grunstad580-924-8280
    Projects with Industries (Disability), Director: Randy Hammons580-326-7758
    Social Services, Director: Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director800-522-6170
    Victim Assistance - Faith Based Counseling for Vic, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Victim Assistance Program, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    Victim Assistance-VOCA Subgrant - Elder/Vulnerable, Director: Randy Hammons877-285-6893
    WIA, Director:580-924-8280