Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Ian Thompson, Director
Director Historic Preservation Dept., Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Tribal Archeologist, NAGPRA Specialist
580-924-8280 ext. 2216
580-775-0914 cell

Choctaw identity is founded upon a unique and special heritage, which itself is embodied in our language, our historic sites, and our traditional knowledge. With 11 staff members, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Historic Preservation Department fulfills a sacred duty to the Choctaw people by working to preserve this heritage for future generations.

For the Historic Preservation Department, preservation is a multiple-level effort that involves physically protecting Choctaw historic sites, repatriating and reburying Choctaw ancestors and sacred objects that have been removed from the ground, conducting research on Choctaw history and traditional life, and providing a variety of classes and presentations on Choctaw history and culture to Tribal members and the general public.