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  • Trudi Drummond Freeland Looking for birth records from 1st? Choctaw Council House from Trudi Drummond Freeland today at 5:41PM

    My paternal GM, Mary Ruth Smith, is MC Refused. Looking for proof of her great grandmother’s birth recorded by the Choctaw Nation in one of the 1st council houses. The name is: (Minerva Shelton), daughter of: Rachael Fulsom/Folsom or Marr/Marrs and father Jesse Shelton. Thanks for any help!

  • Dasia Dormer Information on my Grandfather from Dasia Dormer today at 3:46PM

    Im looking for more information on my great, great grandfather James Williams. I believe his card number is #1352 and his roll number is #3701. I know he was from Oklahoma and moved to Texas. He has a daughter named Theadora Williams.

  • John Nichols My Grandmothers Grave from John Nichols. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto today at 8:05AM

    My father committed suicide about 30 years ago and his last wish was to have his ashes spread over his mothers grave. My father was John Elwood Nichols Jr and he was born in Haileyville in 1919. His father was born in 1897 Krebs, Oklahoma same name as mine and…

  • Samantha Winship Moore/Impson/Winship, Emily (also Emely or Emley) from Samantha Winship . 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto yesterday at 3:32PM

    My great grandmother was Emily Winship, born in 1885. We lost her lineage and so my CDIB says I’m 1/8 but I’m 1/4 Choctaw. My great grandfather, John Winship, was her second husband. They married 15 Aug 1924, she was 39 & John was 20. Her first husband was Ellis…

  • Aprilstarr Mary Polly Sams from Aprilstarr. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto yesterday at 8:08AM

    I am looking for tribal information for my ancestor who was (as family has told me) the daughter of a chief, Warren Sams. She married an Indian Agent and they had a son Braxton Clark Edmisten. I would love to get more information about her.

  • Rowdy Caldwell Family from Rowdy. 3 comments, most recently from Rowdy on August 27

    I am having trouble tracking down if one of my kins ever enrolled. her name is Mary Louisa Caldwell born Jan 16, 1853 in TX and died Nov 13 1932 in Duncan, OK. According to a census done for the Indian population in 1910 she listed herself as Choctaw, but…

  • Sharlene I'm looking for my husband great great granfather TOBIAS WINSHIP from Sharlene. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 27

    We are looking for any information on the Winship family. I am doing genelogy for my husband Isaac Winship III.

  • Barbara Brown Riekki Barbara Brown Riekki from Barbara Brown Riekki. 3 comments, most recently from Barbara Brown Riekki on August 27

    Wanting to find anyone who would remember our family heritage, we can go back to my mother Bertha Lorraine Pollock Brown from Pitcher, Okla. Born in May of 1928. Her mother was full blood choctaw don’t know maiden name passed away in we believe in Pitcher in 1930-1940 and father…

  • Blake Lawler Moshulatubbee from Blake Lawler. 6 comments, most recently from Jeff Long on August 27

    I have traced us back my great great grandfather was the great great grandson of Moshulatubee and I can not for the life of me figure out why they would not have been able to get a Dawes roll number if my great great grandfather is on his lineage information….

  • black crow Morning Star Folsom from black crow. 7 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 26

    My gr grandmother was Ular May Quaid, her mother, or grandmother was Morning (mourning) Star Folsom. I would very much appreciate any info on this, my, family, line. Thank you .

  • Yazzmine Clark the shockley line from Yazzmine Clark. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 26

    Im curious anyone know of a female named ruth shockley born April 15, 1926, martha simon was her mother born in orange county, tx, harrison shockley born 1843 on ruth dad side, which he would be a grandfather, Benjamin shockley 1791 he’s great grandfather, alberta warren January 26,1861 was her…

  • RBashir Lucy Crowel from RBashir. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 26

    Good Morning, I have hit a brick wall for years. Actually since 2008. I have a great great grandmother named Lucy Reid. She was born in 1884 and died in 1962 in Nashville, Tennessee. From relatives they stated she was a full bloodied Choctaw Indian. All of her children had…

  • Eva Where to look... from Eva. 3 comments, most recently from Eva on August 26

    Hi, I’m new here but have been trying to trace my ancestors and came upon a “hint” about my grandfather in the 1900 US Federal Census. This states that Jefferson Wilson was born in 1890-something (maybe 1896)in Indian Territory, Oklahoma to Riley Andrew Wilson and M.E. Wilson. It goes further…

  • Stacy Looking for answers from Stacy. 6 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 26

    I’ve been searching family history for a while now, and I’m at a standstill. I don’t really know where to start. First, how much Choctaw does one have to be in order to classified as Chotaw? Relatives of mine are documented on the Dawes rolls. However, they had two names,…

  • Terri Hartsfield Abraham Hamilton Nail from Terri Hartsfield. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 25

    I’d like to know if there is anyone who could give me any information on my ancestor, Abraham Hamilton Nail. He was originally admitted to the Choctaw Nation in 1875 however he was later removed from the Dawes Roll. I have in my possession copies of The United States Supreme…

  • Jeff Long Moshulatubbee Family from Jeff Long. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 25

    I think I am in the Moshulatubbee family Tree History. I am on the Samuel Williams side. If my grandmother told me correct Moshulatubbee is my 4th great Grandfather. Need Help ?

  • Tina Young Moshulatubbee from Tina Young. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 25

    I am related to Moshulatubbee, Chief of the Choctaw Tribe, He was my moms , moms dads Great grandpa, which makes him my 5th Great grandpa. I am trying to find others whom are related to him. We have tried to see if we could get on the roll call,…

  • James BEAL from James. 6 comments, most recently from Tracy on August 24

    My grandmother was Madge Ouida Beal Hayes. She lived in Muskogee, and always claimed Choctaw heritage. I know there are Beal family on the rolls, and I was wondering if there is a relation there.

  • Alyssa Poe Inquiries about the Lacy/Armstrong/Chiate Families from Alyssa Poe. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 24

    My name is Alyssa and I have recently done a huge amount of research on about my Choctaw ancestors from Oklahoma & Texas. My 3rd great grandfather was Joseph Armstrong. He was born Feb 1889 in Choctaw Nation Oklahoma. He is on the Dawes Rolls. His mother was Mary…

  • Kimberlie How can I find out about my ancestors ? from Kimberlie. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on August 23

    Hi, I know little about my grandma Emiline Perkins , My dad’s name was Verne kibby Jones, his birthday was February,27,1927 , my grandma was Martha Jones, that’s All I know. I wish I had more info. Thank you Kimberlie ann jones Weston