College Clothing Allowance Program

College Clothing Allowance

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma offers a one-time college clothing allowance to Choctaw tribal members throughout the United States who are working toward a minimum of an associate degree. Students must complete at least 12 hours, as a full-time college student, with a semester GPA of a 2.0 or above in their most recently completed Spring or Fall semester. Students who apply must also be enrolled in at least 12 hours for their upcoming Spring or Fall semester. Graduate and Nursing students are also eligible for the program with full-time status. Award amounts are based off the most recently completed semester’s GPA.

Before beginning the online application process, please have the following:

  1. Valid E-mail address – If you do not have one, please create an email account at Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.
  2. Student’s social security number.  A copy of the card is not required.
  3. Transcripts – Official or Unofficial college transcript with total credits earned from all higher education institutions and semester GPA.
  4. Class Schedule – Current/Upcoming semester class schedule.
  5. Only online submissions will be accepted.
Funding from the Fall semester is available January 1st – April 1st and funding from the Spring semester is available June 1st – September 1st.
The College Clothing Allowance Application is now available through the Chahta Achvffa Member Portal.
To apply on the Member Portal click the button below
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For more information about the Chahta Achvffa Member Portal click HERE.
Contact Information:
1-800-522-6170 ext. 4240 or 4241