Procurement Groups

Preferred Supplier Program

It is the policy of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma through its Preferred Supplier Program to increase local buying and business opportunities for qualified Choctaw Tribal member-owned business enterprises, other qualified Native Americans and federally recognized minorities.

To register visit the Preferred Supplier page.

Tribal Operations

3010 Enterprise Blvd
Durant, OK 74701

Paul Jones, Senior Director of Procurement

Donna Pierce, Director of Purchasing
580.924.8280 ext. 2311

Melissa Kindred, Assistant Director of Purchasing
580.924.8280 ext. 2476

Linda Cook, Purchasing Agent 
580.924.8280 ext. 2411
Travel Plaza, Dept. of Education, Employee Fund

Becky Elrod, Purchasing Agent 
580.924.8280 ext. 5196
Headstarts, Bureau of Indian Affairs, DOE, FEMA, DOT

Brandi Murray, Purchasing Agent
580.924.8280 ext. 2493
Tribal Funds, Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Labor

Connie Lockler, Purchasing Agent
580.924.8280 ext. 2218

Tribal Funds, Leases, Daycare, Ranch Operations, Texoma Printing, HUD, EPA, State Funds

Kendra Pate, Purchasing Agent 
580.924.8280 ext. 2370
Branch Plants of Tribal Operations

Tiffany Honeycutt, Purchasing Agent
580.924.8280 ext. 2325

Tribal Funds, Health Services, Environmental Health, Wellness, USDA

Shauna Blaylock, Senior Purchasing Agent 
580.924.8280 ext. 2468
Daycares, Facilities and Maintenance

Jones Academy
909 Jones Academy Rd
Hartshorne, OK 74547

Shalon Roe, Purchasing Agent 
888.767.2518 ext.1004

Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority

1 Choctaw Way
Talihina, OK 74571

Barbara Pride, Purchasing Agent 

Krista McCurtain, Purchasing Agent

Mary Jo Himes, Purchasing Agent

Choctaw Management Service Enterprise

2161 Northwest Military Highway
San Antonio, TX 78213

Joe Merrill, Purchasing Agent #26697

April Dancer, Purchasing Agent #23913
580.924.8280 ext. 2155

Choctaw Casinos

3735 Choctaw Road 
Durant, OK 74701

Reynella Powell, Gaming Finance Manager

Choctaw Nation Construction 

104 Ed Perry Road
Hugo, OK 74743

Mary Williams, Procurement Officer
580.326.0967 ext. 6502 

James Hicks, Contracts Manager
580.326.0967 ext. 6504

General Information
Cecilia Armendariz, Facilities Director
580.924.8280 ext. 2226

Choctaw Defense

3 Skyway Drive
McAlester, Oklahoma 74501

Phillip Boyd, Purchasing Manager

Sarah McDowell, Purchasing Agent